5 Ways That We Are Stepping Into Growth By Weeding Out Negativity

by Sep 1, 2022Articles

You know what has the power to hold you back and hold you down like nothing else? Negativity!

So this month we are shedding that sh** and stepping into some new growth—who’s coming with???

Practicing gratitude

Regularly practicing gratitude has been shown to increase optimism by as much as 15%! What we focus on, we manifest, so the more grateful you are the more you will have to be grateful for.

Practicing pronoia

What if instead of assuming that everything is going to go wrong we started believing that everything was going to go right? This is pronoia in a nutshell.

Starting each week with manifesting goals

At the beginning of every week we have begun the tradition of declaring out loud and to the group what we intend to receive, build, or create that week. The results have been pretty epic so far!

Creating vision boards

The vision board is an oldie, but it’s classic for a reason!

Living in the moment

Right now we are saying f*ck it to stressing about tomorrow, or sweating the past. What we have is ours right now to enjoy and we plan on doing it!

How are you honoring Self Improvement Month?

Comment or hit us up on social and let us know.


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