5 Team Building Activities That Don’t Suck

by Oct 1, 2022Articles

We all know that most team building activities can be pretty lame. These aren’t! Try them out and see what you think.

Start a book club.

There is something about a great book that brings people together. Read a book related to your industry together, (or not, October is spooky season after all!) and discuss it. It might spark some ideas.

Throw down a challenge.

Bring out the competative edge in your team with a fun challenge. Desk decorating, chili cook-off, social media fast, doesn’t matter the topic, just make it fun!

Hack day.

Have everyone drop what they are doing and work together on a special project. We are planning on spending several days this month doing exactly this. Maybe the next great thing will come from this day!

Visit an escape room.

There is nothing like a little pressure to help a team come together in new ways.

Have a show and tell.

Once a month or so get everyone together and give them time to share what they have been working on or what they are excited about. It will build excitement and boost appreciation for one another.

What are your favorite team building activities?

Comment or hit us up on social and let us know.


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